Ciao, siamo Devis e Jaci Zanaica.

In 2008, Devis Zanaica and myself, Jaci,decided to turn our dreams and passion for olive culture into our daily work by setting up and founding Frantoio di Cornoleda (Cornoleda’s Oil Mill). .The Mill is located in the south-west of the Euganean Hills, in an oasis of peace and harmony that, with its smooth curves, brings the horizon of the Po valley to life.

The love for our environment and the will to preserve its potential, pushed us to enhance and expand our family's traditional farming products. After many years of hard work and effort, we are proud to have achieved the first Euganean Hills organic certificate.

Earth is a living organism, talking to us through the fruit of the tree that we love most.

Our mission is to offer you the best product possible, controlled by the highest international quality standards: an everyday challenge and opportunity that we simply can't miss.

devis zanaica frantoio cornoleda